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Sixers Taking On Cavs Tonight


The Philadelphia Sixers are taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight in the Las Vegas summer league. The Sixers come into the game 1-0 following a win against Dante Exum and the Utah Jazz. The Cavs come into the game with a 2-0 record and a big win against the San Antonio Spurs. Tonights game is by far the most excited I’ve been for summer league because of the Wiggins Vs. Noel match-up. The game will feature our future star against their future star, and I think it’s safe to say we want to see the Sixers beat Wiggins and the Cavs badly.

Wiggins was pretty much our guy going into the draft, but obviously we went in a different direction. I’m happy with how it worked out, but there are still some fans that wish we had Wiggins. So far in summer league he has been solid, and he just posted 13 points and 2 blocks against the Spurs. If your a die-hard fan like me, I want to see Wiggins underperform so that fans can finally realize that we made the right move by not giving up picks #3 and #10 to get #1.

A player who has been surpassingly good for the Cavs this summer league has been Anthony Bennett. Bennett, the former #1 overall pick, has slimmed down and has looked much better. He averaged just 4 points per game in his rookie season, but is showing progress. In his most recent game, he posted 13 point and 14 rebounds. Bennett is going to be an issue for the Sixers, and they will have to pay attention to him.

The Sixers are pretty sure that Nerlens Noel is going to suit up and play tonight. He made it known that he wants to play tonight, and the fans want to see him. Noel has been very impressive so far this summer but he has been missing game due to rest. K.J. McDaniels should be able to return from his ankle injury and play tonight. Along with Noel and McDaniels, Jordan McRae will need to play well if the Sixers want to improve to 2-0.

This is going to be a fun game to watch. Wiggins and the Cavs are going to want to stay undefeated, but so are the Sixers. Sixers fans want the Cavs fans to see why they should regret passing on Noel is last years draft. Summer league is usually hard to get excited for, but this game is going to be entertaining until the end. I’m predicting Noel and Wiggins to both shine in the game which annoy fans of both teams. Tip off is at 8:00 p.m.


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